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13:32 18.10.04
We will continue our Coma Gig, look at the Pics by Capt. Realjoc!

07:25 30.08.04
New Gigs, new Pics in the Gallery!

18:11 26.08.04
Longest playing album in the world out now!!!



20:53 08.07.04
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Fetish Drums Live
10. Juli 2004
Birthday Open Air

12:44 07.07.04
New Playlist with "Into My Dream" Live:

00:28 21.11.03
New 27 min Track:
Blues And Beat Tag Boogie

02:47 19.11.03
Two new Playlists:
Sexy Body and Lover In Advance

09:48 01.11.03

Freitag 07.11.2003 - 20:30 Uhr

Seven Eleven - Magnetic Storm Session

Fetish Drums

and Friends im Klangstrom

17:28 31.10.03
New website design with some pics on the startpage

13:01 28.10.03
Two new Playlists:
We Love Your Tits and Gangsters Of Love

15:04 25.10.03
Download possibility for each track available from
this night at 21:00.

15:03 24.10.03
If You own an DSL or simular internet connection
listen to two new WinAmp Playlists.
Just click MP3 in the menue.

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